Saturday is Etsy Day: Not Etsy Kaleidoscope House

Wanna Buy A House?

Freebie Friday: Nostalgia

Rediscovered treasures

Out of Office Reply

Guys! This whole business of packing up and planning a move has become all consuming and also a little disruptive. So posts may be a little spotty for the next couple of weeks.… Continue reading

Fancy Ribbons

One of the hardest parts about packing up is letting go of the many unfinished projects I have stashed around the house. I’ve found boxes filled with incomplete sweaters and throws and bags… Continue reading

Moving Pictures

So after much deliberation (about a year’s worth), Mr Andrew and I have committed to selling our house and moving into a condo. Basically, it’s hard to justify this much space for two… Continue reading

Saturday is Etsy Day: Housewares Sale

I’m trying out something different this month — I’m having a sale in the Gracious Good Etsy shop. For this particular experiment, I’ve reduced the price of many items in the Housewares section.… Continue reading

Freebie Friday: Roberto Benitez Folk Art Painting

I found this lovely folk art painting whilst walking home along College Street last night. It is signed Roberto Benitez on the front and Oaxaca Mexico on the back. It’s a little scuffed… Continue reading

Sterling, Paste and Faux Pearl Choker

Glittering prize.

Midweek Modness: George Jensen Torun Bangle

Viva Vivianna!

Buch + Deichmann Purple Parrot

Warning: This post is mostly an eBay rant

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