Freebie Friday: Jean Michel Basquait Postcards

Here’s a neat thing. To promote the Jean Michel Basquait show at the AGO, the gallery has produced a series of nine freebie cards. Each has a little history of the painting that… Continue reading

Cloisonée Dragonfly and Peacock Hair Stick

Old is new.

Midweek Modness: Copper and Enamel Pictograph Cuff

Gracious Good is waving goodbye for a week. See you on March 25th!

Do Over: Coral Necklace

Think pink.

The Wedding Present

Terrific Tourmaline!

Saturday is Etsy Day: Silk Road

Blossom festival

Freebie Friday: Rocks

Sly and the family stones

Moth Off

The war on bugs

Midweek Modness: Panda Power

A delightful drawing

Do Over: Mixed Mediums

Ball and chain.

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