Ivory and Ivory

I keep acquiring ivory even though I’m not trying to. In fact I just sold a bunch to a dealer at the St. Lawrence Market because I couldn’t deal with it anymore. These… Continue reading

Joy and Gratitude

Have a great Turkey Day!

Freebie Friday: Talon Show

Complimentary claw

Fashion Week: Elegant Skelegant

On my annual shopping trip to the Dollarama to stock up on year-round Goth looks, I was ecstatic to discover these elbow-length skeleton gloves. They are printed on both sides and they are… Continue reading

Midweek Modness: 1970s Glashütte GUB Watch

Making mod modern

Fashion Week: Bookhou Tunic Tops

Tops shop.

Fashion Week: Vintage Sweater Coat

Knit pick

Freebie Friday: Republic of Doily

Your grandmother’s crochet

Inuit Art in a Modern Home

Indoor Sculpture Garden

Midweek Modness: Morley-Crimi Cuff

Pictures of lily.

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