Midweek Modness: Quistgaard Thistle Spoons

Modernist utensils

Dragons Awake

Myth understood

My Serpentine

Mr. Greenstone

Saturday is Etsy Day: Bold and Beautiful

Buy yourself something pretty

Freebie Friday: Stone Carving Kit

About a year ago I interviewed the super talented sculptor Karen Brodie. After the interview, she gave me a soapstone carving kit. Last weekend, I finally started (and completed) my first stone sculpture… Continue reading

Maxi Priestess

Pattern onslaught

Midweek Modness: Alfaraz Spain Art Pottery Pug

Here’s a wounded pup that I found last week. It’s marked Alfaraz Hand Made Spain. Alfaraz was a pottery studio founded in Madrid in 1952 by Miguel Duran-Loriga. His work is very bold… Continue reading

Ivory and Ivory

I keep acquiring ivory even though I’m not trying to. In fact I just sold a bunch to a dealer at the St. Lawrence Market because I couldn’t deal with it anymore. These… Continue reading

Joy and Gratitude

Have a great Turkey Day!

Freebie Friday: Talon Show

Complimentary claw

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