Freebie Friday: Found

Free library

Mirror in the Bathroom: Champions

My fall fashions

Midweek Modness: Ladies and Gentleman, Little Stevie Wonder

Higher Ground

Fake Bulgari B.Zero Ring

Fakes and Thrifting

Hudson’s Bay Scarf

Showing my stripes

Saturday is Etsy Day: Shiny, Happy

Shop Gracious Good for your Holiday Glamour Needs

Freebie Friday: Gifts From My Mother-In-Law

The last couple of months, nay years have been hard on my family. My father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, my mom had knee surgery and now is having some major health problems of… Continue reading

I Found An Art: Cityscape

City scenes

Midweek Modness: De Passille Sylvestre Pendant


Remembrance Day

Lest we forget.

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