Freebie Friday: Gladiola Bulbs

Mad about gladioli

Holiday Haul: Arts

While perusing the thrift shops of Kitchener, my goal was to only bring back jewellery as my luggage could not support extra clothes or other unwieldy objects. Nope, nice, small, pieces of jewellery… Continue reading

Midweek Madness: Pierre Cardin Jaeger Watch

The moddest thing I’ve ever owned

Holiday Haul: Jewellery

Treasure hunting in Kitchener

Holiday Haul: Clothes

Just got back from a week away in my home town helping my mom recover from her knee-replacement surgery. One of the jobs I had was helping my mother de-clutter her drawers and… Continue reading

Lazy Sunday: The Cat

Pet looks

Saturday is Etsy Day: We’re Back

This way to great jewels!

Some Swatches and a Baby-G

Batteries not included.

A Flock of Buch & Deichmann Seagulls

Earlier I wrote about how some collections just come to me. For a long time, these Buch & Deichmann seagull brooches would pop up all over the place, and I could not resist… Continue reading

Midweek Modness: Refinished Folke Påalsson J77 Chairs

Restoration chairware

  • Still Good