Freebie Friday: Wellington Brewery Coasters

Mr. Andrew is doing a play in Hamilton. After the opening night show, we went out to a bar called the Baltimore, were they had these limited edition Wellington Brewery coasters by illustrators… Continue reading

Shopping Safari

Rings, crystal balls and shoes

Midweek Modness: 1974 Casabella Magazine

Mendini magic

Lucky Dip

Vintage finds

Pompon Party

Makin’ out!

Saturday is Etsy Day: Upcycled Update

I hate to see any piece of jewellery get chucked just because it’s broken. One of the reasons my vintage collection got out of hand in the first place is because I kept… Continue reading

Freebie Friday: Crystal Skull

Mr. Andrew found me a travel-sized, empty Crystal Head Vodka bottle. Because he has heard me talk about buying the full-sized version just to use as a vase. Because he knows me. I… Continue reading

Navajo Textiles Blanket

Blankets play a big role in the history and regalia of many first nations people. But generally blankets were made for first nations people, not by first nations people.I’m thinking of made in… Continue reading

Midweek Modness: Bond Boyd Abstract Earrings

I’ve had these signed Bond Boyd sterling doorknocker earrings for a million years. As you may recall, Bond Boyd is a Canadian concern that mostly manufactures for the tourist trade and for institutions.… Continue reading

Childhood Home

My inheritance.

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